Hunting Season is Upon Us!

Well everyone, we have ten days left until opening day of bow season here in Oklahoma.  There have already been some monsters  killed in other states so far.  As I keep up with my social media sites, I am almost tortured to know that people are hunting and I am not.  I have been making my preparations frantically just as many others have been lately. 

     One thing that I have been working on the past few weeks is my daughter’s new box blind.  This will be her first year to hunt as well as her mother’s.  October 14 is the beginning of the three day youth gun season in Oklahoma.  Bekah, my daughter, has had a buck picked out for a few months now.  His name is “Weirdo”.  She has been practicing with a scoped .22 for a few weeks now.  Last weekend we broke out the .223 single shot and let her and my wife, Kelly, shoot their first high powered rifle.  They, without a doubt , have proven their natural marksmanship skills.  I am somewhat jealous.  If all things go as planned, the two of them should have no problem doing their share of backstrap collecting this year.  We finally completed the box blind and towed it to the special spot Sunday afternoon. 

     When I wasn’t working on my box blind project I was preparing for my season as well.  The feeders are topped off with a special supplement that they have been on for a couple of months.  The majority of my food plots have responded nicely to the little bit of rain that we were blessed with a week ago.  My last trail camera check before opening day is coming this weekend.  The mineral licks are being freshened this weekend also.  All tree stands and blinds are in place except for one on another property.  The sleepless nights have not started yet, thankfully.  They usually hit about three days prior.  I wish everyone a safe and blessed hunting season this year.  Let’s see a few of everyone’s pics this year.  We all love to look at bragging rights pics, and I am sure we could learn from a few food plot pics as well.

      One other thing that I wanted to remind everyone of before I go.  This coming weekend is the Wildlife Expo at the Lazy E Arena in Guthrie.  It’s a great time for the entire family.  Plan to stay all day when you come, as there are many things to occupy your time with.  I will be there on Sunday as well.  Just look for the logo on the t-shirt and say hi.  Maybe we’ll run into each other.

     ’til next time, Scott

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