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Hunting Season is Upon Us!

Well everyone, we have ten days left until opening day of bow season here in Oklahoma.  There have already been some monsters  killed in other states so far.  As I keep up with my social media sites, I am almost … Continue reading

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Top 5 Native Habitat Management Practices – Conclusion

Once again we return to Mr. Smith and his not-so-perfect “perfect” property for a look at the last three flaws and their respective solutions.   Flaw #3:  No tall grass left. Fewer fawns are being spotted each year.  Solution:  Re-plant the … Continue reading

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Working on my fall food plots!

  I wanted to post an update on a couple of my pre-season goals that I have talked a bit about.  There has been a lot going on lately in preparation for the upcoming season pertaining to my fall food plots.  This … Continue reading

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Confused by Clover!

                                                 Clovers are one of the most popular plants for food plots.  However, there is an abundance of different species.  They will all contain between twenty and thirty percent protein.  They continue growing spring, summer, and into fall.  If you … Continue reading

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